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Selected as a Cover of a Nanochemistry Journal

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The Research Results of Professor Hyojong Yoo (Department of Chemistry),
Selected as a Cover of a Nanochemistry Journal

- Synthesis of star-shaped gold multipod nanoparticles having unique morphologies.
- Selected as a Back-Cover of ChemNanoMat for March, 2017 issue.

Research results of Professor Hyojong Yoo (Department of Chemistry) were selected and published as the Back Cover in the March, 2017 issue of the SCI Journal “ChemNanoMat”. ChemNanoMat is published by Wiley Corporation and it introduces interrelated researches from the fields of Chemistry, Nanoscience, and Material Science.

The images selected on the cover represent the successful synthesis of the gold multipod nanoparticles under various conditions, for instance platinum overgrowth over the surface of star-shaped gold nanoparticles. Professor Hyojong Yoo explained this study as “This study deals with the synthesis of unique multipod star-shaped nanoparticles with multiple branches which is not only interesting in terms of morphology, but it is also worth exploring as a catalyst owing to the its “synergistic effect” due to gold and platinum constituents.

The original publication included the dedication to Professor Yong-Hee Chung on the occasion of his retirement from Hallym University. Prof. Yoo said it is personally even more meaningful to be selected as a cover because of the dedication.

This research was supported by the National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF) grant funded by the Korea government (MSIP), and the related technology was patented by the research team as an inventor.
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