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Hallym University selected for LINC+

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Hallym University selected for the Advanced Industry-Academia Cooperation (LINC+)

Hallym University was selected as an Advanced Industry-Academia Cooperation University for the Socially-Customized Leaders in Industry-University Cooperation (LINC+) project by the Ministry of Education. The LINC+ project is the largest scale financial support project in Korea, with an estimated budget of 327 billion KRW ($290 million). The project period is from 2017 to 2021. Hallym University aims to build an industry-academia cooperation hub university based on health and life care, aiming at the realization of a leading university that creates a symbiotic relationship between local industries and society.

Hallym University's specialization areas for the project include; industry-academia cooperation assistance tailored to local industries on the theme of healthcare and biotechnology (healthcare diagnosis, new drug), healthcare loT (internet), big data & health care, Health care service design, and life care that includes local cultural contents.

The key development plans of the Hallym University’s LINC+ include;

The training of professional staff through multi-curriculum Health & Life Care Innovation of university-industry-university cooperation system through human-friendly/society-friendly human resource system The creation of a local industry-university cooperation ecosystem through cooperative training of cooperatives Support local communities in rural areas and empower them to make changes within their own communities, harnessing Hallym University’s specialisms.

characteristics aimed at establishing Convergence courses specialized in industry-university cooperation, fund raising for startups, Industry-academia joint teaching system and laboratory, Student career exploration program, 6th Industry-Healthcare-Exchange culture. It is most meaningful that the awareness of Industry-Academia Cooperation is spreading in the university because all departments in College of Humanities, Sociology, Science and Nursing participated in this project.
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